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Back and Body Exfoliation Treatment


The skin, being the body's largest organ, is perpetually in a state of renewal. However, this process often results in the accumulation of dead cells on the surface, rendering the skin dull and lacklustre. A full body exfoliation is an ideal pampering treatment to address this issue, whether you're preparing for a holiday, special event or simply desiring luxuriously smooth skin, leaving you with a radiant glow.


This invigorating treatment can either be back and arms or full body and includes, dry brushing, exfoliation with Tropic Body Smooth refreshing polish and finishing with a relaxing massage, leaving skin soft, revitalised and hydrated. This can help with the appearance and feel of the skin condition keratosis pilaris.

What is Keratosis pilaris? It is a very common harmless condition where small bumps appear on your skin. symptoms may include, dry rough skin, small painless bumps which can be red or the colour of your skin, and can sometimes be itchy

What causes this? Keratosis pilaris occurs when hair follicles are clogged with keratin, a protein present in skin, hair, and nails. The exact cause of keratin accumulation is unknown, but it is believed to be hereditary. Importantly, keratosis pilaris is not contagious; it cannot be spread or contracted.

Back and  Upper Arm  Exfoliating Treatment .... Approx 1 hour...£34

Full Body Exfoliating Treatment .... (this treatment should be booked at Morton of Pitmilly although can be adapted for mobile) from ....£47


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