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Thai Foot Massage

Thai Foot Massage (Nuat Phaen Boran) originated in Thailand about 2000 years ago and this ancient holistic treatment has been passed down through the generations but has clearly stood the test of time. And not without reason! All parts of the feet are included as well as lower legs in this massage that involves stretches and stimulation of the reflex points following the Thai energy lines (Sen). It has elements of Shiatsu, Reflexology, Chinese Massage and Yoga incorporated into the massage, is said to stimulate the activity of internal organs and thus be hugely beneficial for optimum internal health. Thai foot massage is still taught by Buddhist monks in the temples of Thailand.


Benefits of this treatment include:


  • Improving the functions within the body systems such as stimulating the circulatory system of blood and lymph

  • Can help prevent and relieve some problems such as constipation, asthma, gall bladder problems, cystitis, headache, renal disease, migraine, sinusitis and stress

  • Stimulates the mind

  • Helps remove toxins

  • Stimulates lymphatic drainage

  • Helps boost immune system

  • Reduces stiffness and improves flexibility

  • Accelerates physical healing

  • Promotes stress relief and improves sleep

  • Invigorates tired feet and legs – an essential boost for those in sedentary/desk jobs as well as those who are on their feet all day


Each foot has over 7000 nerve endings, 26 bones, 107 ligaments and 19 muscles, this type of therapy creates a physiological change in the body by naturally restoring homeostasis.

Approx 60 mins.... £32



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