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Tibetan Hand Treatment

Tibetan Massage – Ku Nye pronounced “Coon-Yee”, it simply means Ku - to apply oil and Nye - to massage.
This wonderful, ancient massage has taken place throughout the Himalayan region of Tibet for thousands of years and draws on Indian, Chinese and Persian wisdom as well as its own traditions. 

As with many Eastern massage treatments, it uses a holistic approach to viewing the body as a whole – and balancing energy flow and life-force as well as physical benefits.

Tibetan medicine believes we are made up of five basic elements: Earth, water, fire, wind and space. It is the wind element that is the focus of Ku Nye.

The hands-on techniques applied in Tibetan massage are surprisingly similar to those used in Western methods and the oil/medium used for the massage binds the wind element into place and brings it into balance.

Hand massages are undervalued but are especially appreciated by people who use their hands often for activities such as using a mouse/keyboard, repetitive tasks, manual sports or for more heavy usage such as mechanical or physical labour. Any condition that creates an energy blockage in the head, shoulders or upper spine respond well to hand massage.

Hands will be exfoliated, a nourishing mask applied,  hands will be placed in heated mitts before enjoying the amazing Tibetan Hand and Arm Massage. 

Approx 60 mins.... £32


07989 905117



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